Testing Tomorrows- 3 Artifacts

My speculative future involves a New York City in which driverless cars have taken over, and drivered vehicles are extremely limited and restricted.

My first artifact is a medallion that allows an individual to drive a manual vehicle, which functions similarly to a taxicab medallion in today’s NYC: extremely expensive, and extremely difficult to obtain:


My second artifact is basically a Segway system for pedestrians to be able to flow with the automatic traffic more safely.  The below images can be imagined in hybrid to imagine the system.  Basically Segways on tracks built into the road, with turn signals to allow the rider to change lanes and turn when desired.  There could be moving walkways next to the track to allow pedestrians to board the Segways without stopping.  There could also be ellipticals built into the Segways to allow pedestrians to continue moving while aboard the Segways, to allow for exercise:


My third artifact of this new society is a modification to the Subway system that would allow for more efficiency and higher volume of transport per minute.  Similarly to the Segway track, these Subway tracks could have moving walkways next to them (see image of Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion” boarding platform) to allow riders to board the train without it having to stop completely, cutting down on the inefficiency of stopping.  The current subway tracks/cars could also be replaced by something similar to the Hyperloop for faster trains and more frequently-arriving trains:


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