3D Printing– Preliminary Drawings For Final

For my final project, I want to take the 3D model of the Armadillo from my upcoming game, ‘Mekazoo,’ and turn it into an articulated action figure.


To create this articulation, I will skewer the model with a flexible wire that allows it to roll up in a ball or unroll in a standing position.


I will print the body out of a soft rubbery material and the shell out of hard plastic material to simulate the armadillo’s physical properties and allow it to function properly.

In order to build this, I will extend a piece below each shell piece with a hole in it, and I will make corresponding slits along the body, each with an aligned hole:


This should result in a model that can be rolled up, the shell sections separating  but still covering the body slits while rolled up to preserve the illusion of a solid figure.

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