The premise here is that I have a persistent delusion that I am some sort of cosmically significant being, born to spread an important message of some sort and to become a source of positive energy.  Throughout my life, however, difficult experiences have diminished my positive perspective, and now I am on a mission to rediscover the beauty of life through artistic expression.

You can access my project by going to or by clicking “EYEALONE” at the top of my webpage.

I know we were instructed to use a 3D engine for this project— My intention was originally to prototype my narrative mechanics on my website and then translate it to Unity/Unreal—- As I dove deeper into the narrative construction, I started to feel that this website was really a more appropriate format for presenting my story, at least for this initial prototype—- If necessary I can attempt to shoehorn it into Unity— but it might be a better use of time to work on polishing the writing and the order of the songs.  It is a very new thing for me trying to find a linear/branching narrative that binds all these songs together.  They were originally written & recorded on a whim, from the gut, in various states of mania and depression, and I am just discovering for myself how they all relate.

So how do people respond to the experience so far?  Like any esoteric work, people don’t really understand the deeper meanings as they first experience it, but they seem to enjoy the music and are intrigued by the writings attached to each song.  They enjoy the branching choices at the bottom of each page and feel they can make an informed choice of which link to click.

I believe that anyone willing to put an hour into exploring the experience will come away satisfied with an interesting narrative and lots of insight about my psyche.

Of course, it’s extremely difficult to get someone to spend an hour on anything– I choose to be less concerned with the volume of users and I will highly value each person who gives it the time of day.

I have opened up the comments section on each page, and welcome any feedback.

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