And this is what I’m seein as I spin around the matrix
mania is striking
thinkin u all like me
everyone thinks like me
noone’s gonna fight me
and this is just a phase change
dont know what it means
Imma see how long
I stay on
these free thinking greens
where I can ideate my feelings
into expressions with meanings
And this is what I’m seein as I whip around the matrix searchin for some glitches who knows when I’ll hit some how will I react when I see what I missed and I come back n get it n Its already been broken
eyealone spittin so much shit like a cyclone whirling right around me nicks me in the fuckin tailbone
knocks me on my ass and then I just decide to stay there gimme some free passes cuz I know this game is not fair
seems I am misguided but wait, I think my guide is these guys? what the fuck? and this is why I’m like this.
I am in the matrix cannot see the real world as far as I know I am a fuckin host in westworld
Robot created by nature lose my train of thought n then I hop back on it later Things are so confusing I experience delusions But I do not suffer from them
just the opposite I get all of my uppers from them Gotta parse through all this bullshit But when Im seein straight the clearing steadies my heart rate like magic
delineate the moments this is how we made this tell me why you reeling? this is just my feeling. what u know bout feelings? ouch, I hit the ceiling
And as we spin around the matrix wondering what is the real difference between my world and this
dont even try to xplain it
this is how you learn to play the real tricks
And as you take a spin around the matrix Wondering whatever happened to the folks who liked this
how the fuck’d they fake this? and now, for a real twist hang on hold it back a bit, I don’t want you to miss this.
and as you whip around the matrix pondering existence I thought that you might see this
seems my queen has conquered me
I need some rhymes to make this
all this shit is just a mystery to me
i think i mightve faked it
And as you spin around the matrix
wondering what is the real difference
between westworld and us
i think i should reread this
i think this clarity might be creepin up on me good thing you don’t die from energy running free
lookin for somebody
who I am on the same page with
to whip a round the matrix

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