Bodies In Motion– Week 2

Results of my brainstorm game…

Each of these brain trains started with a phrase from my assigned poem, and ended with something completely ridiculous:

Thousand-fold —> origami —> Zen —> The Zen Master —> Phil Jackson —> Lakers —> Kobe Bryant —> Kobe Beef —> Japan —> Asia —> Anime —> Cowboy Bebop —> Dallas Cowboy —> Tony Romo —> Tony Roma’s—> Spare Ribs—> Cow —> South Park—> omg they killed Kenny —> Reincarnation
This is a story about Phil Jackson killing Kobe Bryant in an episode of South Park, and then Kobe getting reincarnated as a Japanese Cow that is worshipped by the Dallas Cowboys
Acme of Warm–>Wile E Coyote–>Dynamite–>Alfred Nobel–>Fettucini Alfredo–>cream sauce–>semen–>sea men–>Sea Man–>dreamcast–> Jet Set Radio–>street art–>spray paint–>colors–>rainbow–>hawaii–>islands–>isolation
This is a story about Wile E Coyote retiring to Hawaii to start a street art career, and befriending a local Sea Man (from the Dreamcast game) to help keep his cover and be his hype man.


3 hi-res shots from messing around in Unreal:


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