Building The Purple Wall: PRE-PRODUCTION


“The Purple Wall” is a proposed art installation that would run in a museum leading up to the 2016 election, featuring a looping rotation of audio from the “red,” “blue,” and “purple” perspectives that fade in and out depending on whether you stand at the right, left, or center of the room (the lights and video also shift color depending on where you stand).

The Purple Wall is designed to be an immersive, transformative experience that allows users to realize perspective, as well as a potential tool for informing voters leading up to the election, given careful selection of informative, illuminating audio, frequently updated.


before the user enters the exhibit, the video will be grey, like so:entranceState 

Upon activating the LEFT proximity sensor, video and lights will turn BLUE, and BLUE AUDIO will increase volume based on prox sensor reading.


as user walks to middle of room, video and lights turns PURPLE, PURPLE AUDIO increases.


As the user moves to the right, RED video, lights, and audio increase.redState

as the user EXITS, lights, dim/neutralize, video goes grey, audio silences:


if multiple people are in the exhibit, on opposite sides, BOTH blue & red audio will be raised, and video/lights will be split red & blue.


Here is a simple diagram of the hardware involved:



I already have most of the materials needed, so costs for fabricating this prototype should be minimal.

  -Arduino+USB cable & breadboard
  -3x proximity sensors, 5’ range
  -6 RGB LEDs or philips hue bulbs
  -lots of wire
  -HDMI cable
  -room with large white wall
  -Arduino Editor
  -Adobe premiere
  -Adobe audition
  -“TV static” video clip
  -Audio Clip 1: “Blue”
  -Audio Clip 2: “Purple”
  -Audio Clip 3: “Red”
  -Nov 11- all materials & intel gathered (start building prototype)
  -Nov 18- Prototype built (start testing/refining)
  -Nov 25- Prototype refined (start fabricating final)
  -Dec 2- Final project fabricated (start communicating with possible installation locations)
  -by June 2016- install in a museum

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