Thesis: Week 4 Update

This week I made significant progress in building the Spectrum app, building the framework and getting very close to having what I need for a fully-functional audio app.  I started by creating buttons that play a designated audio clip, including a script that plays a different clip depending on the value of a slider.  I then created this slider, which will be used to switch between “mood states.”  I decided that I will go with just 3 states instead of the originally-planned 5:  “Depressed,” “Neutral,” and “Manic”– Moving the slider to the left will make it so all sound buttons play the “depressed” clips, to the center for the “neutral” clips, and to the right for “manic” clips.  Below is a small sample of the different clips that would play on the same button depending on the position of the slider.  This one prompts the user to press the button in the classroom, right before class starts:




As you can hear, these 3 clips correspond to the exact same situation viewed from the 3 different perspectives.  The next step is to repeat this process for many different situations, fleshing out the experience and hopefully giving people a better understanding of the bipolar perspective.  Much of this dialogue has been written already, and I just need to parse through my notes and record it.


Concurrently I will continue working on the tech side of the app, building a functional main menu of situations that can be entered and exited accordingly.  I will also work on developing a visual aesthetic for the app to provide for a polished, intuitive, experience.

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