ILLUSIONS: Syphon->Isadora Concept

My proposed Syphon—>Isadora project builds upon an old project of mine called “The Purple Wall.” (See iteration of this idea in the following link:
  In “The Purple Wall,” I used Max/msp with Kinect blob-tracking to alter video/audio depending on the viewer’s x-position in a room.  The further to the left a viewer stood, the bluer the visual wall of static would become.  Move to the right, and the wall becomes redder.  If standing in the middle, the wall would be purple.
     There was also audio that faded in and out according to your position:  On the left, you would head Democratic presidential speeches, and on the right you would hear Republican speeches.  In the middle, you would hear non-partisan or even non-political speeches such as Alan Watts or Ram Das talks.
     For this project, I would syphon this Max/msp sketch into Isadora, and map the colored-static video onto a large cut-off-pyramid structure (like our midterm illusion).  Instead of simply tv-static visuals, I’d like to make it look like we are staring down a hallway, with the speaker of the audio standing at the very end of the hallway— As you move to the sides, the speaker would appear to get closer and closer to the front of the hallway, until, if you are at the extreme ends of the room, a Pepper’s Ghost of the speaker appears in the room as if it popped out of the frame.
     I’d have to try this stuff out and experiment to get it working the way I intend, but I do think that syphoning Max to Isadora is a critical part of it, in getting blob-tracking to control the video & audio.

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