PIT: SoundBook Prototype Drawings

Below are some rough schematics for my SoundBook prototype.  Sizes will be determined once I start actually prototyping, which, due to excessive traveling this past week, I have been unable to actually start.  I think I have at least worked out some potential issues such as binding style, and the decision to have a super-wide spine (which can function as a nice hand-grip) to fit a normal-sized arduino+breadboard (although I will be doing more research to determine whether the arduino micro can fit my needs).  The issue is that there needs to be a separate pair of sensors on each individual set of opposing pages, limiting my possible number of sensors.  This until I figure out a technical solution to combining sensors.

I also realized that rather than traditional bookbinding style with folded leaves, I’ll try more of a “notebook” style that will allow me to pass through a wire from each triggerable page to, and also to gradually scale up the number of pages as I create more content.  It might end up like more of a sound “notebook” than the originally-planned “novel,” but I think a sound notebook will be pretty cool nonetheless, at least as an early iteration.

Note that there is a “rear spine panel” and a “front spine panel” in order to fit the electronics in.  These will be bound similarly to the photographs seen at the bottom of the diagrams:


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