Illusions: Midterm Brainstorm

For the Illusions midterm, our group has a couple interesting possibilities:

  1. A projection-mapped video on a classroom ceiling pipe.  We would map a (possibly interactive) video onto a pipe to make it look like the pipe is clear, and that something strange, such as tiny people or glowing liquid, is running through the pipe.  I tried something like this in my Video For New Media class to decent results, seen here:                    

For this, we would make something more specific/elaborate, potentially with an interactive component using Isadora.

2.  An angle-based illusion that looks like random patterns from straight on, but reveals a cool image when viewed from an angle, like this:unnamed.png

We could project this with video in an ITP hallway, or we could do it on the outside of the building (if that’s allowed).

3. A Pepper’s Ghost illusion that makes a video-projected person appear in the corner of a classroom.  This would be particularly cool in an empty classroom with glass sliding doors— Everyone always glances into the rooms as the pass by, so having something for them to double-take at would be entertaining.  We can develop this idea once we learn more about Pepper’s Ghost illusions this week.

4.  A hybrid of #1 and #3, where we guide the eye with a pipe projection while creating a Pepper’s Ghost somewhere just out of peripheral vision, creating a sort of sleight-of-hand spook effect.

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